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Do you feel locked out of your spouse’s heart?  Do you feel locked into painful patterns of conflict in your marriage that you just can’t break free from?  Are you lonely and desperate for the connection that  you once had?  Come back to the place you belong. Come home to a place where you two can stand securely together, face to face, and hand in hand… just like the day you spoke your wedding vows.  Return to the way that God designed you biologically to function at your best. Build a place of rest for your marriage through “The Seven Keys to a Secure Marriage”.



Through this book you will understand the deeper desires of every hurting spouse. You can break the patterns of conflict that have pushed you away from your love. The seven keys will teach you how to turn conflict into opportunities for deeper connection. The keys will help you unlock those conflict patterns and release God's attachment design for your marriage. Now you can draw your spouse close to you once again through a new posture and vulnerable language. You will learn to cling to one another in times of loss and rely more each day on the One who comforts you with His promise, “I am with you always.”


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