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When we first started reading “Face to Face” together, we were separated.  Our Therapist recommended this book to us explaining it was similar to Susan Johnson’s book on emotional connection, but the concepts were clearer to grasp. I, Julia was skating on thin ice considering divorce. We were in the lowest place ever  in our marriage, but both of us were willing to try this book. 


We learned that there was a reason we were in the situation that we were in and it wasn’t just because we “fell out of love”.  We picked out a time to read it together every week (just making time for each other was a positive!) and it gave us both insight and a sense of hope that there was a way to get out of the struggle (Negative Cycle) we were in. It also helped us understand what a healthy relationship looked like and give us a sense of hope that we could attain a deeper, richer relationship with each other.


The book was helpful to us because it helped us understand ourselves better individually and how we related to each other in our marriage through the years. It was very eye opening! Being written from a Christian perspective was also very helpful and important to us, because it brought a greater weight of authority to the information that was being conveyed. 


We want to share this book with others because it was so important to us in our journey and recovery of our marriage relationship! It was a manual to explain our attachment styles, and our negative cycles and how understanding those and utilizing new tools can help you, not only tolerate each other, but build a brand new relationship!


(Julia and George currently lead a life group for marriages based on this book in their home town)



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